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Property Care – Houseguard Housesitters - Pet Sitting- Winnipeg - Manitoba

Reliable home security and maintenance are essential when your home is vacant for an extended period. Whether you're relocating to a new job or moving to a new house, we will give your home a lived-in appearance, maintain the property and satisfy your insurance requirements. If there is a problem we inform you of the situation and handle the necessary details so that you do not need to.

We also care for estate properties requiring simple or comprehensive care during probate. We will liaise with real estate agents, lawyers, purchasers, vendors or other parties as required.

Not only is an unattended home a prime target for burglars or vandals, but most household insurance policies offer only limited coverage if your home is not checked regularly while you are away.

Because serious loss or damage can be caused by undetected electrical, plumbing, heating or mechanical problems, our services are affordable insurance against unpleasant surprises.

Our sitters will give your home a lived-in look and will:

  • Collect flyers, newspapers and mail
  • Adjust lights, drapes and blinds
  • Inspect your home and premises thoroughly to meet your insurance requirements
  • Clear snow from walkways and driveways
  • Mow your lawn and water your garden
  • Forward your mail or pay your bills
  • Suggest services for your particular needs