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Flying South for the Winter?

Friday, October 30, 2015

Snowbirds, Winter Vacation - Houseguard Housesitters - House Sitters Winnipeg 11 Reasons Why You Need a Professional House Sitter

Canadians are a hearty bunch. Year in and year out we make it through the winter season with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. For many of us, we have paid our dues as hearty Canadians and have traded in our galoshes and hats for temporary homes in warmer climes.
Often, snowbirds will rely on family or friends to check in on their homes while they are away. Many will hire a live-in sitter through craigslist or online and others prefer to close up the house and hope for the best. Although these options can be low cost, they can be costly if anything goes wrong.
A professional house sitter service is a surprisingly affordable option for long term house sitting and can offer peace of mind like no other. Here are some advantages to keep in mind:
  • Dedicated
    • A professional house sitting service is dedicated to looking after homes. Look for a professional house sitting service that is bonded and insured. 
  • Guaranteed visits 
    • They will check in on your home as often as you decide and your responsibility to your insurance policy will be covered. Insurance companies have varying demands in policies regarding the length of time a home can be left unattended. Your professional house sitter can work with you to determine the time period necessary making certain that you honour your policy.
  • Home Maintenance
    • Professional house sitting services are trained to look after issues that arise with your home. If any problems arise in your home while away, your house sitter will be able to manage the issue quickly and professionally, potentially keeping your home from suffering excessive damage. 
  • Bill Payment
    • Your service will be able to collect all of your mail and if you choose, can pay any outstanding bills that may be needed to be covered while you are away. 
  • Pet Care 
    • For travelers going on shorter winter vacation trips, it is impossible to take your animals along for the winter break. Turtles, reptiles, fish and even cats are not so keen to pack up and take that trip south. A professional service is trained to look after any animals that you may not be taking with you on those shorter trips. Look for a house sitting service that takes animal care seriously and is trained in all types of animal care. Your pets will be well looked after.
  • Vet Care
    • If any pet needs special attention your professional house sitter will have the means to transport your pet to your vet and have it looked after with the attention you would give it yourself. 
  • Daily Upkeep
    • A professional house sitter will shovel your walk and driveway regularly. This upkeep will keep your home looking well looked after.
  • Deterrent for Thieves 
    • A good professional house sitting service keeps your home in such a way that thieves are not easily able to case your home. Unlike neighbours or family who run in quickly and not necessarily regularly, a professional house sitter will make certain your home will look lived-in and not empty. A professional house sitter is also able to advise you on the many steps you can take to reduce potential break-ins. 
  • Winter Proofing
    • A professional house sitting service is able to advise you on the steps you can take to protect your home and possessions. Their expertise and knowledge will help keep your home safe and secure. 
  • Communication
    • A professional house sitting service will stay in communication with you at all times. If you have any concerns while away you will have peace of mind knowing that you can contact your house sitter easily. Your house sitter will also contact you as often as you wish with status on your home. 
  • Affordable and tailored to your needs
    • A professional service can be surprisingly affordable. A good service will work with you to identify your needs and come up with a schedule that will give you peace of mind while away from you home.
Houseguard Housesitters specializes in home security and pet care. Whether you chose daily visits or prefer someone to live in, our team of professionals will ensure your home is kept safe and secure while you are away for the winter.  

Packing Up For The Long Weekend

Monday, October 05, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner - Houseguard Housesitters - House Sitters Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why You Should Consider a Professional Housesitter This Long Weekend

For many of us, long weekends are a sacred right. They are a time to take that extra day to travel to the cottage, be out of town for a weekend of shopping and dining or maybe a family visit that is just a bit too far to get to on a regular weekend. We pack up the car, put extra food down for the pets and lock up the house. 

Often, we don’t think about the idea of hiring a professional housesitter for such a short period of time. It is only 3 or 4 days so no need to have the house looked after. Yet, many things can go wrong when a house is left unchecked after only 24 hours. 

Some tips to keep in mind when taking your long weekend break:

  • Incidents with plumbing don’t wait to happen when you are home. A burst hot water tank, for example, can be extremely damaging if not caught immediately. Hiring a professional housesitter ensures that if any serious issues arise while you are away they will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Pets should not be left alone for extended periods of time. Regardless of the type of pet, a housesitter can make certain your pets are looked after and kept safe.
  • Thieves do not just break into homes where the residents have taken long vacations and long weekends are prime times for burglars. A housesitter is your best protection against burglary and theft.

Houseguard Housesitters specializes in home security and pet care. Whether you chose daily visits or prefer someone to live in, our team of professionals will ensure your home and your pets are kept safe while you are enjoying your long weekend. 




Professional Plant Care Service While You're Away

Friday, July 10, 2015

Professional Plant Care Service While You're AwayWith summer now upon us many people will be planning for their vacation, enjoying either short day trips or perhaps an extended holiday away from home. Among the many preparations involved if you plan on going on a long trip should be the continued care of your indoor and outdoor plants. As with house pets your plants and flowers require ongoing nurturing during your absence and should be tended to by a qualified, trusted and caring individual.

At Houseguard we provide professional service specifically geared toward taking special care of your plants.

Since most people have their own routine for tending to their plants, including watering and fertilizing, our service is customized to your individual needs so that all of your plant care requirements are met while you are away.

Caring for indoor plants is generally not a problem since their environment is stable and not susceptible to sudden and extreme shifts in weather and temperature. Primarily care should be exercised in watering and ensuring the water given is of the right amount to maintain the proper soil moisture - not too much or too little, either of which can harm the plant. In short, moist but not wet. Also, while plants should have adequate light, they should not be kept in direct sunlight. The house temperature should stay at a comfortable level, between 68-75° during the day and 64 - 68° at night.  

It is important to note that if an air conditioning unit is left on continuously plants will tend to dry out. 

Flower beds do not require extensive care provided there is not a hot spell or long dry period. However flower beds situated under overhangs such as eavestroughs or even garden awnings do not get sufficient moisture when it rains and we recommend that these areas should be watered every second day. Garden pots and planters that are located in the sun or which are vulnerable to hot dry spells should always be watered daily. Ideally, outdoor container plants should be positioned away from direct sunlight, placed in an area of dim shade. The growing media for pots is generally very light and does not retain water.

Our outdoor plant care service includes the watering of flower beds, garden pots and planters and even new sod grass laid in your yard. We ensure that sod is watered to the proper requirement, which generally is twice a day.

In addition to plant care, our qualified sitters will also keep up the maintenance on your lawn, offering mowing services if requested, along with watering to keep your grass green and healthy during those hot summer days. Ask about our additional services so that you can enjoy your vacation, relaxed in the knowledge that your houseplant and outdoor plantings will remain in full bloom until you get back.